Interfaces are ubiquitous in nature, and solution to almost all technological and medical problems requires understanding and controlling interfacial structure and interactions. The field of interfacial science and engineering is highly interdisciplinary and encompasses diverse areas of activities from studies of the fundamental properties of interfaces, to the development of new medical procedures and of new materials with unique properties for myriad applications.

Therefore, the IEI serves as a meeting place for teams of scientists, engineers and medical professionals, working together to solve critical still open problems.

The IEI serves as hub for interdisciplinary research, where new technologies are developed, and brought to market.

Faculty members from the NYU, Polytechnic School of Engineering, the Center of Soft Matter Physics, the molecular Design Institute, as well as the medical and dental schools, work together in the IEI on joint projects, sharing laboratories and characterization tools.

The IEI plays a major role in developing cutting-edge research, education, and training programs, emphasizing interface-related problems.

The IEI aims at creating a new breed of engineers by immersing students in a scientifically diverse environment to hone technical, entrepreneurial, communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

Education Mission

The Institute for Engineered interfaces (IEI) is developing academic education and training programs, with the overarching objective of identifying, inspiring and nurturing the next generation of translational surface engineers.

The term “translational” has been associated with medicine, where some researchers define it as “what occurs from bench-to-bedside in the development of new drugs, devices, and treatment options for patients.”

In the IEI we identify “translational engineering” as critical step in translating research into practice, which is motivated by the need to bridge the widening gap between rapidly exploding scientific advances and slow adoption by industry. This definition fits best the cross disciplinary scientific research, which is at the core of the IEI mission: the focus on real-world challenges, and on timely, facile, and efficient transfer of innovations from the bench through engineering and product development to applications, devices and technologies.

Hence, our education programs provide the student with strong scientific foundation, advanced engineering knowledge, as well as an understanding of fabrication and modern manufacturing, all with an emphasis on engineered interfaces. Our demanding and challenging curricula fit best engineering undergraduates who seek life-long exciting careers spanning cutting-edge research and development, innovative product and technology development, and translation to the modern market.